About Us

Our goal is to be as well educated on current tax law as possible, which includes meeting our annual continuing education requirements and use of state of the art tax preparation software.

Our rates are affordable and competitive and we offer special discounts for our clients’ children. We can also provide tax service to clients all over the United States and overseas.

  • For some, having their taxes prepared can be an unpleasant experience. At Contax we strive to make your experience as good as we possibly can and do it in timely fashion. Over 95% of our clientele are returning clients or referrals from those clients. We stand behind all the returns we file and will do whatever we can to help you with any problems that may arise with the IRS.
  • Numerous studies have shown that taxpayers who use a preparer are more likely to pay less tax and file returns that are less likely to have examinations by the IRS.
About Contax

Contax was started in 1985 as an in-home tax service with what was known at the time as a portable computer and dot matrix printer.

Technology and the IRS began to change and the business grew exponentially with the onset of new PC technology and electronic filing.

As the business grew Chris moved the business to an office on High Street in Orrville in 1995 with his wife, Theresa.

With more growth came more employees and in 2005 Paula Williams was added to the full time staff.

Many of our clients have expressed a peace of mind because of our commitment to “getting it right”!

Peace of mind